Journalist, educator, researcher, lover of all things journalism.


Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, in the glorious and turbulent 80s, I have always had a special thing for journalism. I have a PhD in Communication from the University of Ottawa and work as an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Mount Royal University, in Calgary.

My work also includes co-producing and hosting the Spanish-language podcast Periodémica and being the editor-in-chief of J-Source.

As a journalist, educator, and researcher, I care about the changing norms and practices of journalism, what audiences expect of newsmakers, and how our relationship with journalism affects us all. My doctoral thesis explored anti-media discourses that follow when democratic votes yield unexpected results. Other research interests include podcast studies, diversity and inclusion in media, journalism innovation, the future of objectivity in journalism, and the intersection of feminism and media.

You can reach me at