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Perdomo, G. & Rodrigues-Rouleau, P. (2021). Transparency as Metajournalistic Performance: The New York Times’ Caliphate Podcast and New Ways to Claim Journalistic Authority. Journalism. https://doi.org/10.1177/1464884921997312

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Select articles

Published in different media throughout my career as a journalist—including at Maclean’s, where I wrote about the world and developed a strange love for writing obituaries.

The Globe and Mail (2021)

First Person: The app that kept me sane when I felt so isolated

The Conversation (2021)

Féministe, le nouveau budget Freeland ? Pas vraiment !

The Conversation (2020)

Will Chrystia Freeland lead a feminist post-coronavirus recovery?

Maclean’s (2012)

Bogotá’s guerilla mayor

The former m-19 rebel has far grander plans than the mayoralty of the Colombian capital.

Fighting the Cuban regime—one tweet at a time

A new breed of Cuban dissidents is storming the Internet.

The Canadian winter that never was

In 65 years, we’ve never seen such warm winter days with so little snow.

Enrique Arturo Arenaza León

A soccer star who once narrowly avoided a tragic accident that claimed his teammates, he left Peru for a better life.

Chile divided by a coup

Two childhood friends, with wildly different histories, are now front-runners for the presidency.

Foreign business in Cuba

Beware the dangerous embrace. Havana is at the same time attracting and terrifying entrepreneurs.

The amazing milk machine sold one refugee on Canada

A simple drink without a ration card represented glorious abundance to a young immigrant.

Free education enchants Canadian-in-waiting

Christian Valdez, from the Philippines, appreciates snow, treats and international friends too.

YouTube’s revenge: Mexican students upend election race

Mexico’s presidential front-runner faces a student uprising in the election’s final days.

After enduring the 1998 ice storm, an Iranian immigrant warms up to Canada

Not to mention, his family, who, despite a little bickering, created fond memories in their close quarters.

Meet Canada’s first male midwifery graduate

Otis Kryzanauskas graduates from McMaster.

Daniel Joseph Botkin

A volunteer firefighter, he’d learned the value of hard work at a log-home firm, where he returned last month to fight a fire.

The Internet vs. Hamza Kashgari

How an online lynch mob left a Saudi writer facing a death sentence.

‘Shahs of Sunset’ shows a distorted view from Tehrangeles

A reality show about spoiled, bratty Iranian Americans has enraged the Persian expat community.

Chad Emil Janke

They were more than father and son, they were best friends, who lived for the outdoors, and each other.

Midwives: Why aren’t we paying them more?

You’d never know how popular they are from their salaries.

The Tyee (2011)

How fair are your flowers?

A 5-part series about the flower trade, with reporting from Colombia, Ecuador, and Canada, supported by The Tyee’s Solutions Journalism fellowship.

Edmonton Journal (2007)

A warning to Harper on the dangerous reality of Colombia

Angus Reid Global Monitor (2006-2011)

Brazil’s Lula prepares to pass the baton
The president’s likely successor, Dilma Rousseff, should be given a chance to not be him

Will Naoto Kan bring stability to Japan?
Another Japanese prime minister quits, further widening a four-year leadership gap.

A long way to go to achieve gender equality
In real life, men and women realize that the wage disparities affect them both

(More from the ARGM’s archives here).

Semana (2007-2009)

Encuestas y el estado de opinión

Igualar la relación de un gerente con sus clientes a la de un gobernante con los ciudadanos es el daño que le hacen las encuestas a la democracia.

Una mirada a la izquierda

Analiza cada uno de los gobiernos de América Latina que al llegar al poder bajo esta ideología y la herencia que han dejado.

La transparencia empresarial

Con un excelente ejemplo, Gabriela Perdomo les cuenta a los gobernantes la importancia de sentarse a estudiar cómo evitar que el sector privado –sea nacional o extranjero– siga financiando nuestra interminable guerra civil.

Cómo ayudar a Venezuela

Votar en los próximos comicios por candidatos respetables, es la mejor manera de demostrar que la democracia participativa sí es una opción viable.

Daniel Ortega

Daniel Ortega es el único presidente que hasta ahora se ha sumado en la cruzada de Chávez contra Uribe. A propósito, Gabriela Perdomo comenta quién y cómo es el jefe de estado del país centroamericano.

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